Mon. Mar 25 2019

Low Return of Pink Salmon to SE Alaska This Year Raises More Questions than Answers

High Domestic Demand in China Slows Crayfish Development in Global Market  

ANALYSIS: Record Lobster Tail Prices Doing Little to Deter Demand  

LISTEN: Taste Testing Trident's Protein Noodles; The Future of Meal Kits; Plus More News From SENA  

OPINION: Many Alaska Peninsula Corporation Shareholders Aren’t Willing to Trade Salmon for Gold  

Federally Managed Fisheries in Hawai'i, U.S. Pacific Islands Face a Mixed Future  

Russian Fish Producer Norebo Plans to Expand Fishing Fleet with 10 New Vessels/Processors  

Kodiak Man Dives Into Scallop Fishery  

Climate Change Hits Maple Syrup, Fishing Industries

European Canned Fish Producer Karavela Enters Into Sale Agreement With Larsen Danish Seafood Summary Monday, March 25

Fri. Mar 22 2019

Judge Rules Adak Cod Set-Aside Unlawful, Orders NMFS to Rewrite Amendment 113

The Winding Glass: John Sackton’s Seafood Week in Review

Trade War to Continue Indefinitely, Trump Says

VIDEO: MSC Mislabeling Report; Meal Kit Popularity; Hardee's Catfish Sandwich; Saving the Vaquita  

SENA 2019: Urner Barry Announces Winner of Executive Conference and Seafood Import Workshop Giveaway

Pescanova Introduces New Shrimp Products at Seafood Expo North America  

New Jersey Oyster Documentary Now Available on iTunes and Amazon  

Angry Crab Shack Chain Looking to Expand into Las Vegas Summary Friday, March 22

Thu. Mar 21 2019

Latest Oceana Seafood Fraud Report Takes Aim at SIMP, But Misses Mark

Western Pacific Managers, Fishermen Grapple with Closures, Slow Federal Pace of Reports  

Meal Kit Demand Going Strong, But Evolving

Bumble Bee Foods and SAP Create Blockchain to Track Fresh Fish from Ocean to Table  

Russia Plans Catch Increases to Match Soviet-era Harvest Figures  

Artisan Catch Announces Direct to User Restaurant Sales from Small Scale Fisheries to Begin in U.S.

ComFish Alaska Celebrates 40 years

Florida Man Arrested, Charged With Murder on Fishing Vessel Off Marco Island

Florida FWC Charge 3 People with Multiple Felonies for Exploiting Spiny Lobster Commercial Fishery  

FDA Commissioner Releases Statement on New Steps to Strengthen Food Safety Program Summary Thursday, March 21

Wed. Mar 20 2019

Herring Spotted in Sitka, Fleet on Two-Hour Notice  

Trident Seafoods Debuts Versatile 10g Protein Noodles at Seafood Expo North America  

March 2019 Alaska Fishing Updates  

Meet the Sustainable Shopper: Young Transitionals Who Are Tech-Savvy

Hardee’s Partners with Mississippi Catfish Farm to Create New Catfish Sandwich at Select Locations

Cooke Inc. Acquires California Distributor All Seas Wholesale, Inc.  

INSIGHT: Fishmeal Producers Need to Capitalise on 'Point-of-Difference' Factors  

Sustainable Oceans Leadership Institute Seeking Applicants; Set to Kick Off Program in Brussels Summary Wednesday, March 20

Tue. Mar 19 2019

In a Well-Designed Study, MSC Finds Labeling Fraud Rates of Less Than 1%

Pebble Dam Breach Modeled, Comments Open to May 31

Seafood Importers Support Measures to Save the Vaquita

Push to Standardize Traceability Efforts Launched by Retailers and International Seafood Companies

Slade Gorton Launches ICYBAY Iceland Retail Bag Line at Boston Seafood Show

FishWise Releases RISE, a Labor Rights Roadmap for Seafood Businesses

Fishermen Identify Projects to Improve Fisheries Development in the U.S. Pacific Islands

Two New Trustees Named Int’l Pole and Line Foundation

Coastal Villages Sets 2019 Budget for Community Benefits at Over $18 Million

Stolt Sea Farm Expands European Production for Turbot and Sole Summary Tuesday, March 19

Global Aquaculture Alliance Launches Aquademia Podcast at Boston Seafood Show

Salmon Sisters Donating 1% of All Sales to Food Bank of Alaska

SENA 2019: Corbion Teams Up With Celebrity Chef Sammy Monsour for Short Film on Algae-Fed Salmon  

Mon. Mar 18 2019

Low Prices Overshadow China's White Shrimp Industry Summary Monday, March 18

Change Is in the Air: Western Pacific SSC Suggests New Approaches for Suite of Issues  

Tristan International Granted Exploratory Fishing Permits in Ecuador for Patagonian Toothfish  

SENA 2019: Seafood Champion Awards Finalists Announced at Boston Seafood Show

CleanFish Brings First ‘Green Rated’ Marine-Farmed Atlantic Salmon to Boston Seafood Show  

Nielsen Study Finds Consumers Care Most About Buying Local

LISTEN: The Boston Seafood Show Podcast Episode!

Chilean Salmon Marketing Council Introduces 'Promise of Patagonia' Campaign for US  

Legal Seafoods and CP Foods to Introduce Legal Branded Shrimp Products for National Distribution  

Russian Fish Company Launches Branded Single Frozen Pollock Fillets in Russian Supermarkets  

China Overtakes Japan as Alaska's Largest Seafood Importer  

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Pacific Hake Redux: U.S.-Canada Whiting TAC of 597,500 mt for 2018 is the Same as in 2017

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafood News] by Susan Chambers - March 7, 2018

This year looks to be a repeat of 2017 for both U.S. and Canadian whiting industries as it appears the countries agreed the same bilateral total allowable catch of Pacific hake in 2018 as they did in 2017: 597,500 mt.

Word started filtering out from the U.S.-Canadian Joint Management Committee Tuesday that managers approved the 597,500 mt TAC. The 2018 TAC includes 15 percent carryover from each country's whiting TAC from 2017.

Both 2017 and 2018 TACs are 100,000 mt higher...

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