Fri. Oct 30 2020

Former Bumble Bee CEO Lischewski Set to Pay State of Washington $100K; Argues Unfair Trial in Appeal

NMFS Files Emergency Rule to Allow West Coast Sablefish Season to Extend Beyond October  

More Pebble Tapes Reveal — Win or Lose — A Plan to Get $Billions From Taxpayers

West Coast Pink Shrimp Season a Win for Landings; Not so Much for Markets, Price  

AquaBounty Technologies Identifies Potential Location For 10,000 Metric Ton Salmon Farm  

Blue Circle Foods Releases Sustainable Pacific White Shrimp Product  

Mexico's Third Largest Grocery Chain Commits to Sustainable Seafood Sourcing

Scary Sea Stories From Kodiak for Halloween

Red Lobster Serves Up Seafood Appetizer Special for Veterans Day

Study: Keeping Big Fish in Ocean Leads to Lower Carbon Dioxide Emissions Summary Friday, October 30

Thu. Oct 29 2020

NWAA Issues Challenge to Patagonia and WFC For Their “No Net Pens” Campaign in Puget Sound

New Study: Bering Sea Pollock Moving Between Russian and U.S. Waters More Frequently  

Sernapesca Confirms ISAv in Los Lagos Region, Notifies of Suspicion in Aysén Region  

Pacific Seafood Named the Official Meat and Seafood Provider of Pac-12 Conference

Quirch Foods Completes Merger With Colorado Boxed Beef One Month After Making Initial Announcement

Cadence Kitchen, Flash-Frozen Food Company Expands Menu to Include More Seafood Options

Walton Family Foundation Supporting ChefsForThePolls, Providing Seafood Meals to Voters

Russian State May Provide Subsidies for Exporters of Domestic Fish Products

Earthworm Foundation, IPNLF Partner to Boost Sustainability of Tuna Industry  

SeaAhead, New England Aquarium Pick Startups for BlueSwell Incubator Program

Bear River First Nation to Start Self-regulated Fishery in Nova Scotia

Green Plains and Hayashikane Form Exclusive Partnership

Quebec-based Mining Company Fined $350,000 for Violation of Fisheries Act

Wild Alaskan Company Brings Back Wild-Caught Alaskan Halibut Steaks  

Fishermen’s Expo at Sitka Goes ‘Pot Heavy’ Summary Thursday, October 29

Wed. Oct 28 2020

Russia’s Threat to Bering Sea Fleet Triggers Feds Suggestion: Subscribe to HYDROPAC

New Study Out of China Suggests June COVID-19 Outbreak Related to Cold Chain Contamination

USCG Cutter Alert Completes Marine Resource Patrol; Some Violations Questioned

Health Magazine Names Neptune's Wild Alaska Pollock Jerky One of the Best Snacks of 2020  

USDA’s CFAP Pays Out More Than $7 Billion in Second Round

Check Out Exclusive Online Insights from Metlife, Wells Fargo, and CIH

Blue Apron x Chef Edouardo Jordan Introduces New Salmon Recipe Summary Wednesday, October 28

Tue. Oct 27 2020

Publix, Atlantic Sapphire Collaboration Offers Customers Salmon Raised "In Our Own Backyard"  

State Legislator, Bristol Bay Groups to Dunleavy: “Please Listen to the People and Let Us Move On”

So Far, So Good: Early Tests Show Promise for California Crab Season  

LISTEN: Seafood Companies Sue Trump Administration; 2021 Food Trend Predictions and More

Salmon Permit Values Show Some Ups, Mostly Downs  

Consumers Begin to Venture Back Out to Eat with Cost in Mind

Cooke’s True North Brand Acquires Mariner Seafood

Fish Taco Chain Rubio’s Restaurants Files for Bankruptcy

Orca Bay Foods Issues Recall for Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Halibut Products  

Mowi Appoints Villarroel as COO of Farming Americas Branch

Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Fishery Achieves MSC Certification

Kerecis Fish-Skin Wound Care Technology to Help U.S. Veterans

Check Out the Latest Updates to COMTELL! Summary Tuesday, October 27

Mon. Oct 26 2020

Minh Phu Responds To CBP Determination That MSeafood Evaded Antidumping Duty Order on Frozen Shrimp  

ANALYSIS: Frozen Salmon Fillets at All-time Lows  

ANALYSIS: Early Look at Stone Crab as Shortened Season Begins  

Watch Us Eat! We Try Korean Seaweed and Abalone Products

Top Chilean Salmon Importer Launches Direct-to-Consumer Salmon Brand  

Russia Hopes to Compensate Unsuccessful Salmon Fishing Season by Increase of Pollock Catch This Year  

Coast Guard Tows Disabled Fishing Vessel Off Kennebunk, Maine

Thai Union Pushes for Climate Change Cooperation on United Nations Day Summary Monday, October 26

Coast Guard Saves Two Fishing Vessels Last Thursday, More Than 4,000 Miles Apart

Bristol Seafood, University of New England Partner to Create New Scallop Testing Technology  

Four Manufacturers Sign Tender in Bid to Build Bakkafrost Workboat

Urner Barry's Market Briefing Brings You the Latest in Protein Pricing Insight

Fri. Oct 23 2020 Summary Friday, October 23

Pure Blue Fish Creating 82 New Jobs With New Operation in South Carolina

Aker BioMarine’s Antarctic Krill Fishery Operations Re-certified by MSC

Gloucester to Receive $3 Million Grant From EDA To Protect City From Flooding

NOAA's New and Improved Catch Shares Online System to Launch This Fall

EDF's "Everyone's Gulf" Program Provides Virtual Cooking Class to Houston Students

Massive, State of the Art Feed Barge Enroute to Arctic Offshore Farming’s Fellesholmen Site

NOAA Seeking Input on Gulf of Mexico, Southern California Aquaculture Opportunity Areas

Another Month, Another Historic Low in Shrimp Landings in the Gulf of Mexico  

ANALYSIS: Downwards Pressure on the Mussel Market  

Strong Seafood Sales Predicted for Holidays, Lent

Advisory Bodies to SAFMC Have Openings for Commercial Representatives

Capt. Neill’s Barred by FDA from Importing Food into US for 5 Years

Trio of Seafood Companies Sue Trump Administration, Argue USDA Payments Were Aimed at Re-election

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APA’s Request to Extend Access to Winter Herring Savings Area Rejected by NOAA Fisheries

NOAA Fisheries Assistant Administrator Chris Oliver rejected a request for an emergency rule to extend the date of a herring conservation area that would close this fall from the At-Sea Processors Association, in a letter dated September 11, 2020.

The letter pointed out that the request did not meet the requirements of an Emergency Ruling by the agency, which are related to the definition of an “fisheries emergency.” A fisheries emergency must:

1. result from recent, unforeseen events or recently discovered circumstances,
2. present serious conservation or ...

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